Having What Matters

Who I Am

You feel overwhelmed by it all … … a professional job that demands your best, that you want to excel in, and that you want to use to show yourself and others what you you can do … children who you want to do so much for, who you want to savor and support, but who you feel you are constantly failing and shortchanging … a spouse you’ve been neglecting and giving your leftover energy and focus, which is basically nothing as you are drained with everything else … a home where clutter and commitments seem to multiply every day despite your best efforts, even though you hold yourself to an impossible standard after looking at too many pictures on Pinterest, watching too many home remodeling shows in your tiny windows of spare time, and drooling over manicured pictures in magazines. You believe … … you have to give to everyone else before you give to yourself in order to prove yourself smart enough, loving enough, and all-around good enough … you are alone in your struggles ...

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Highlights from my blog

Solutions & Simplicity in the Workplace

Demands on a professional woman can be intense; with a career in law, I understand completely. We may ...

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4 Reasons to Remodel Rather than Move

Have you ever wanted to press “reset” on your home and start over? You’ve watched all the flipper ...

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Let’s Do This

I didn’t have a watershed moment that made me change everything. Perhaps others experience those defining, ...

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