You feel overwhelmed by it all …

… a professional job that demands your best, that you want to excel in, and that you want to use to show yourself and others what you can do
… children who you want to do so much for, who you want to savor and support, but who you feel you are constantly failing and shortchanging
… a spouse you’ve been neglecting and giving your leftover energy and focus, which is basically nothing as you are drained with everything else
… a home where clutter and commitments seem to multiply every day despite your best efforts, even though you hold yourself to an impossible standard after looking at too many pictures on Pinterest, watching too many home remodeling shows in your tiny windows of spare time, and drooling over manicured pictures in magazines.

You believe …

… you have to give to everyone else before you give to yourself in order to prove yourself smart enough, loving enough, and all-around good enough
… you are alone in your struggles and that you are the only working mama feeling this way because everyone else seems to have their act together
… you can’t find your way out of the mess because if there was an answer, you would have found it after reading books, blogs, and magazines

You want …

… to feel centered, balanced, firing on all cylinders
… to find simplicity and clarity about what you want in your life and what you need to release
… to figure out a way to take care of others while also taking care of yourself

You need …

… a path to figure out what really matters most to you so you can make a plan to have a life built around those things
… help curating the endless information available so you can stop wasting time trying to read and assimilate it all
… permission to release all of the things — physical and otherwise — that aren’t serving and supporting you so you can focus on what you want more of
… to know you aren’t alone, that others who are bright, capable, and well-intentioned just like you are experiencing the same challenges and insecurities
… to feel like somehow, in some way, you are making a difference because, at your core, you want to leave the world a better place than you found it

I’m Kendra Brodin, and I’ve walked (and continue) to walk the path you walk.

I’m a mother of three — one biological daughter, an adopted son from China who was adopted at age 10, and an adopted daughter from Colombia who came into our family as an infant.

I have a full-time professional job that I love, but that keeps my working day plate overflowing. I’m Director of Lawyer Talent at a mid-large law firm in Minneapolis. My work revolves around identifying and cultivating the talent in our law firm, including recruiting, professional development, and diversity efforts.

I’m President of Minnesota Women Lawyers, an amazing association of over 1200 women lawyers.

My husband is a pastor with a full-time, senior pastor call at a large Lutheran church.

I grew up in a small town in northern Illinois. I went away to college, then to graduate school (the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work — Philadelphia was a world away from Franklin Grove, Illinois), then to law school at the University of Minnesota School of Law after getting married and following my college sweetheart back to his Minnesota roots.

Life wasn’t working for me either. Despite my best efforts, I found myself spinning, overwhelmed, scattered, stressed. I didn’t know where to turn. I found the “simplicity” movement and lots of leaders who I respected, but I couldn’t find anyone who really drilled down into the simplicity and clarity space while still spinning the same kind of working mother plates that I was (not so gracefully) trying to keep from crashing to the floor.

So, little by little, I tried to figure out ways to make my way through the crazy life I had somehow unintentionally built for myself based on trying to have it all and, instead, to create life habits that served me, my family, and my career. I’m still very much on the path, but if I can shortcut your path to that place of Having What Matters, I’d be honored.

I’m on the journey with you.

I’ll share with you the struggles, tools, and insights that I’ve encountered.

I’ll do whatever I can to help you find your way through.

We are in this together, and I’m blessed to be here with you.