Hi, I'm Kendra

And I'm so glad to meet you!

I'm a working mom just like you.

By day, I'm have a C-suite position at a large law firm where I get to spend my days creating learning and development opportunities for our attorneys and building wellness initiatives and programming -- it's my dream job, and I love it!

By night (okay, 24/7, right?), I'm wife to Ryan and mama to our three amazing kids. Ryan has his own full-time gig as a pastor, so our life is full, full, full!

So in my spare time (Ha! What spare time? But I love it so much I fit it in anyway!), I research, write, and share inspiration and practical hacks for working moms so they can have peace, simplicity, and contentment at home and work.

We talk a lot about authenticity, clarity, confidence, simplifying, decluttering, and creating systems here because those are the things that work if you really want to have what matters.

I believe we are all full of unique talents and brilliance, despite how much we put ourselves down for not being “enough.”
I believe that we shouldn't doubt our own values, priorities, goals, and preferences in exchange for what we think others think we should want or like.
I believe we want to have what matters to us instead of striving for some unrealistic and unattainable version of “having it all.”

Are you with me?

A few tidbits about me:

  • I'm a small-town girl from northern Illinois now living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and working in a skyscraper (Hello, imposter syndrome!).
  • My husband, Ryan, and I are college sweethearts. He's Senior Pastor of a large suburban church. I'm a church organist. Some might say we are a match made in heaven. (B'dump Ching!)
  • I have three kiddos, all teenagers. Thanks in advance for sending wine, chocolate, and ear plugs. But seriously, my kids rock and make me a better person every day.
  • Our oldest daughter came to us the old-fashioned way, and our two younger kids are adopted internationally from Colombia and China. We get to cheer for three countries in the Olympics and can say "Good night, I love you" in three languages. 
  • The family picture to the left is our "Pastor's Family Goes Rogue" shot from our most recent church directory photo shoot. The shot below made it into the directory.

What I’ve realized along my journey that I love to share however and whenever I can:

You get to decide what matters to you and create your life based on that. Simplicity is the best path I've found to help you reduce overwhelm, clear the clutter in your home, work, and life, and find peace, joy, and contentment.

Chaos at home and work makes everything so much harder.

I geek out on personal and professional development and helping others (and myself) have more joy in their lives.

I can't even remember the last time I read a fiction book -- I just have stacks of self-development books piled up everywhere. I seriously can't get enough!

I love sharing everything I learn, test, try, and make sure works with you -- so that's what you can expect from me. I just want to make your life a bit happier and simpler. 

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. - Annie Dillard

Let's make every moment count, and that means not having stuff, appointments, commitments, and life-draining tasks pulling us off-course!

Join me in the "Having What Matters Movement!" Together, let's fight back against the social push to do more, have more, and be more.

You can have simplicity, contentment, and peace AND a career you love and joy in your home! 

Simplicity and decluttering aren't new concepts, but it's time it was applied to working moms because our challenges are different than our stay-at-home friends and single guys.

I've struggled to find resources built for and by working moms which is why I'm doing this work!

I'm so excited to share what has worked for me and others with you. Together, we can change the way we do working motherhood -- for good!

Start here! Download: 7 Steps to Having What Matters:

A free workbook to learn how to live with more authenticity, more confidence, and more impact at home and at work.


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