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Three Mindsets to Flip for a Happier Workday: #1 -- FOMO to JOMO

No one starts their workday expecting the worst or planning to have a terrible day, but fear, doubt, imposter syndrome, and anxiety have a way of creeping in without our permission. The good news is -- a shift in mindset may be all it takes to turn the day around. 

This is Part #1 of a three-part series of blogs giving you three mindsets and frames of mind to flip so you can enjoy a happier workday, despite what's happening all around you!

Mindset Flip #1: FOMO to JOMO

Most of us experience FOMO - the fear of missing out. We accept the invitation to happy hour drinks after work when what we really want to do is curl up on the couch at home. We sign up for every meeting, every association, and every event, even though we crave time with family or simply to go for a walk. 

You may have FOMO if you fear you’ll miss a juicy piece of gossip, an experience “everyone” else is having, and that direction on a project or leadership decision will be made without your input.

Flip that FOMO mindset into JOMO - the joy of missing out!

One simple switch of perspective turns the fear of missing out into the joy of what you’ve gained -- namely more time, more mental peace, and less comparison and “keeping up”. 

Chances are your co-workers had a pleasant night out but didn’t discuss anything of importance. All of the meetings, associations, and events went on just fine without you, and no one noticed your absence (not because they don’t care about you, but because they were simply focused on the people in front of them). You gained the joy of having a much-needed quiet night at home to recharge, some time for self-care or catching up on tasks that had been eating at you, and you kept some fun money in your budget or extra time in your calendar for the things that really matter to you.

Minimalist Courtney Carver talks about keeping white space on your calendar as an example of JOMO: 

“By committing to do less, I am going to miss out on things, but instead of fear, I feel joy. Joy that I have a choice, joy that I am protecting what matters most, and joy because I feel well.”

Sometimes facing your fears isn’t an aggressive action; it’s allowing yourself some inaction. It looks like releasing guilt and regret. I’ve come to realize that I’m just as worthy, accepted, and included even when I’m not at every single meeting, when I don’t join every committee, and when I don’t say “yes” to everything that competes for my time. There’s something so gratifying and empowering about “owning” your own choices regarding your own energy and time and protecting yourself from things that you are only doing to please others or prove your worth. 

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