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This is the must-have guide and step-by-step system for building the life, home, and career you truly want!

In Kendra's "7 Steps to Having What Matters", you'll learn how to simplify your calendar and to-do list, minimize and streamline your physical clutter, and eradicate mental overwhelm as you become more focused, more intentional, and more authentically you! 

Are You Ready To Finally Start Building a Home, Life, and Career Rooted in What Matters Most to You?  

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  • How to eliminate all the things that don't serve you -- calendar invites, tasks and errands, possession and clutter -- so you can feel at peace in your mind, heart, and space
  • How to protect your time, energy, and focus by saying "no" with strength and grace
  • How to release the things that don't bring you joy in every area of your life so that you can have more of what matters without being distracted by all of the things that don't
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Hey there! I'm Kendra.

I see you. I understand, and I know how hard it is and how crazy it all feels when you are trying to do and be everything to everyone, but you feel like you are dropping balls left and right.

I'm like you -- a busy working professional woman, juggling my career, my three teenagers, my husband and his work, and my commitments to my community and desire to make a positive impact in the world.

That's why I wrote this short course just for you -- to share the steps I discovered to get you off the hamster wheel of "having it all" and back on the path to having what matters.

Let me show you the way!


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