Do you know what really matters?

Are you ready to finally achieve clarity in your life?  

This course is a "clarity transformation" and provides the path to clearing all of your clutter and prioritising what truly matters to get you exactly where you want to be.

Kendra's "Knowing What Matters" short course will drag you out of the fog of your day to day obligations, unwanted commitments and feelings of inadequacy to help you confidently keep on the track with your priorities and life goals.

This course supports your "clarity transformation" with a series of tasks, goals and advice in order to turn negative feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy into positive forward momentum so you can manifest your personal goals.

Remember you are not alone and you are definitely not the only woman to be spinning too many plates! The emotional labour of a working mom is intense.

Kendra's short course will help you to celebrate your strengths and use them to create a new shape for your life.

Kendra has recorded coaching videos with tips and motivational help to keep you on track – this course is tailored to YOU and your personal values. 

You will be asked to define why this process matters to you - this will help you keep the end game in sight. The workbook will prompt you to detail a life scenario to aim for and to keep in mind when things perhaps aren’t going to plan. This is a personal record for and created by you.

Where do you want to be? Clarify your life for $47 with
Kendra's Knowing What Matters Short Course


"I help working mothers to create the mental and physical space to fully embrace all of their different roles."

Kendra Brodin - Creator of The Bandwidth Method

Kendra's Three Phase Bandwidth Method

Foundational Course - This is your first step. Knowing what matters to you. Once you have completed this first phase of The Bandwidth Method, you will have your values, priorities, hopes and goals fully clarified so you can be confident to move on with strength to Steps 2 and 3;

Step Two - Having what matters at home.

Step Three - Having what matters at work.

With Kendra's Bandwidth Method you too can have a Life That Matters!

Steps 2 and 3 will be launched soon - watch this space!

Kendra is a gem: wise, grounded, balanced, incredibly accomplished, entrepreneurial, business and life savvy, just to name a few of her radiant qualities. I am proud to know her and would definitely want her in my corner because she is generous with her gifts.

Rebecca P., Individual Coaching Client

Knowing What Matters

36 page workbook

7 coaching videos

I highly recommend Kendra Brodin as a professional coach for high-caliber women, serious about strategic, inspired choices in their home and career. Having worked with Kendra in various capacities, I have seen her expertise in encouraging and inspiring others to produce organizational and personal change. She has the right mindset, the right skill set, and the right direction to guide today’s professional women. She is the strong, steady voice women need to create a deeply principled career, without sacrificing the need for simplicity in the home. Humble, engaging, fun, and integrity-filled, Kendra is the professional coach, bringing simplicity for today’s complex issues faced by women in the marketplace.

Elizabeth Enright Phillips,  Professional Financial + Minimalist Coach 


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