When we are happy, we do better work.

We’re more creative, more collaborative, and more productive.

12 – 37% more productive, to be exact.

That’s why – when companies book me to lead a workshop for their teams – I focus on what it takes to cultivate happiness and deep satisfaction, both at work and at home.

Because when your employees feel happy and whole, the entire fabric of your company is stronger.

I lead half-day and full-day workshops at non-profits, universities and for-profit companies

Most of my workshops are held in the Twin Cities metro but I travel for the right opportunity, as well.

To book a workshop or have me speak at your event, send an email to kendra@kendrabrodin.com

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Kendra was one of the keynote speakers at a half-day training we sponsored. Overall, she brought incredible energy and fantastic content to her program. Prior to the presentation, Kendra worked closely with us to ensure the complete success of our program. She was very knowledgeable about the topic area and readily offered suggestions for creating the best possible presentation. In the end, she provided a program that exceeded the expectations of both our organization and the audience. It really was a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend Kendra as a keynote speaker.
– Debra Pexa, Executive Director of Minnesota Women Lawyers

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Who Am I to Support You?

I am Kendra Brodin, Director of Lawyer Talent at a mid-large law firm in Minneapolis. My work revolves around identifying and cultivating the talent in our law firm, including recruiting, professional development, and diversity efforts. I’m President of Minnesota Women Lawyers, an amazing association of over 1200 women lawyers. And most importantly, I am a mom of 3 unique human beings and curator of an amazing life built upon the foundation of having what matters.

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My Most-Requested Topics

  • How to run an unstoppable team
  • How to fall back in love with your job + avoid “career divorce court”
  • “Having what matters, not having it all”: a new paradigm for work/life balance
  • Women’s well-being: When women feel better, everyone does better
  • The sweet spot: how to align what matters to you with what matters to your employer

My workshops are lively and interactive – think one part life coaching, one part TED Talk, paired with on-the-spot exercises and worksheets to drive the messages home.

My intention is always to leave people uplifted, inspired, and armed with practical tools to live and work differently.

To Book a Workshop

Send a note to kendra@kendrabrodin.com and tell me:

“When I look at my company / department, the biggest problem I see right now is _____________.”

I’ll write back and recommend a specific workshop (or course of action) for your team.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you.